AI Ethics and Morality.
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AI Ethics and Morality.

In order to critically assess the need for exponential technology ethics, it is necessary to:

  1. Establish clear positions regarding the management of recurring situations,
  2. Provide solutions to problems that have never been encountered before.

We must formulate policies that guide our actions in these cases as part of the ethics of exponential technology.

A variety of ethical situations may arise, including those involving individuals (ethics of conviction, personal ethics, organizations (professional ethics, CSR, and society as a whole, professional ethics and responsibility ethics)

There is usually a conceptual vacuum along with a political vacuum.

It is necessary to provide a coherent conceptual framework for formulating policy action in these cases.

It is important to propose conceptual frameworks for understanding the ethical issues associated with exponential technology in much of the work in the ethics of exponential technology.

Ethics or philosophy of morality is the study of human behavior in the light of reason, exploring its meaning, legality, validity, goodness or evil. It is what separates animals from humans, the latter defining good and evil. Human actions are arbitrary and capricious; hence this platform of values seeks to overcome them.

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