31 Dec, 2023

Lessons in implementing AI

“What would it look like to reinvent our business, not just adding AI to an old model, but reimagining our model entirely?” Implementing AI is not just about a technological upgrade. It’s about how that technology advances a company’s strategy. First of all, let’s start with the problem: Not because of the technology. Let’s clearly […]

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AI and organizational structure

Leadership Trends: Increasingly, you will need to hire for critical thinking over management skills. Middle management will see an evolution towards strategy, talent development and innovation. Senior leaders will now have the right language to share their vision across departments. Together, all of this leads to a future in which flatter, team-based structures drive innovation. […]

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Build an AI-friendly culture.

AI is going to change your organization, but it’s hard to know where the opportunities are and how to address the challenges that will arise, so it’s important to work proactively. Setting your organization’s AI vision, structuring priorities, and increasing productivity is a high-level leadership challenge. Leveraging AI requires a culture in which your employees […]

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