Lessons in implementing AI
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Lessons in implementing AI

“What would it look like to reinvent our business, not just adding AI to an old model, but reimagining our model entirely?”

Implementing AI is not just about a technological upgrade.

It’s about how that technology advances a company’s strategy.

First of all, let’s start with the problem:

Not because of the technology. Let’s clearly define what problem we are trying to solve and then explore how AI can address it.

Second, let’s re-imagine:

“How would this process have evolved if we had always had access to current AI tools?”

Third, let’s involve end users early and often:

“How does theory align with practice?” It also encourages acceptance and adoption. Your people are much more likely to adopt a solution they helped develop.

Successful implementation of AI is not just about the technology.

It’s about improving your value proposition, and companies that dedicate themselves to Reimagining what could be will find themselves ahead of their competition.

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