Humanoid robots in the market.
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Humanoid robots in the market.

Apollo: the space exploration robot.

Apollo developed by Apptronik, associated with NASA, It will become an assistant to astronauts of space stations located on the Moon or Mars.

Its initial design focused on industrial applications, in logistics, manufacturing, healthcare.

Tesla Humanoid Robot

Tesla released several updates to its Optimus robot this year, including new vision, dexterity, neural network capabilities to improve its movement and allow it to move autonomously through its environment.

Initially designed to be an assistant, Optimus now has potential applications in household chores.

The Humanoid Robot and Experimental CEO

Mika was created by Hanson Robotics, the company behind the humanoid robot Sophia. Mika is a “more advanced” version of the design.

Mika’s duties include identifying potential customers and selecting artists to design labels for Dictador’s bottled rum.

IHMC, the boxing robot from Broadwalk Robotics

A humanoid robot capable of boxing with a human was demonstrated this year by creators IHMC Robotics and Broadwalk Robotics.

According to the IHMC website, the robot is named after gymnast Nadia Comăneci, “as a nod to the ultimate goal of the design: to achieve the human range of motion.” Potential applications include firefighting, disaster response, and “other scenarios that could be dangerous to humans.”

Figure’s “first commercially viable humanoid robot.”

The robot is designed for manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and retail, and features dexterous hands to open doors, and the robot uses tools and legs for more efficient movement when climbing stairs and lifting boxes. It was created by the company Figure.

It also has an AI system that allows it to “think, learn, and interact” with its environment and the people around it.

Unitree’s High-Performance Humanoid

The Chinese company has announced its design as the “highest-performing” humanoid offering, equipped with 3D lidar and a depth camera to enable its autonomous navigation.

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