Build an AI-friendly culture.
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Build an AI-friendly culture.

AI is going to change your organization, but it’s hard to know where the opportunities are and how to address the challenges that will arise, so it’s important to work proactively.

Setting your organization’s AI vision, structuring priorities, and increasing productivity is a high-level leadership challenge.

Leveraging AI requires a culture in which your employees embrace it, learn it, and maximize its usefulness.

Creating a safe environment where you can listen to your people express their concerns and questions about AI without judging it means that culture thrives when there is trust in leadership.

Generative AI increases user capabilities.

The objective is to illustrate the transformation that AI will bring, not to the company, but to each of its workers.

To do this, we must share our personal journey with AI, the obstacles we have overcome, and the triumphs we love.

Foster a culture that embraces AI, a culture based on trust, communication and collective learning.

It’s about empowering people to evolve, grow and achieve more than ever before.

It means focusing on human potential first and leaning on the power of collaboration between humans and AI.

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