The Ethical Metaphor.
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The Ethical Metaphor.

When faced with unfamiliar ethical problems, we tend to use analogies to build conceptual bridges with similar situations we have encountered in the past.

The lack of effective analogies forces us to discover new moral values, new moral principles, develop new policies, and find new ways of thinking about the problems before us.

So we can argue that the logical malleability of exponential technology makes it possible for people to do a large number of things that they have not been able to do before.

artificial intelligence (ai) and machine learning (ml)

We equip ourselves with new capabilities and these in turn give us new options for action, due to this there are no clear laws or standards of good practices or specific ethical standards established to govern them, what is called a policy vacuum, which in some cases could generate “conceptual entanglements.”

Where did this methodological complement to resolve policy gaps come from:

  1. Identify a policy gap generated by exponential technology.
  2. Eliminate conceptual entanglements.
  3. Use values and ethics to create new policies that precisely eliminate the gap and resolve the original ethical question.

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