Understanding artificial intelligence
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Understanding artificial intelligence

The products are at the center of the company. They focus on customer knowledge and experience.

AI intervenes at the center of products.

Understanding and exploiting its possibilities and those of the surrounding technology is a priority. Much of our daily digital activities are carried out through AI.

“We shape our own tools, so that they later shape us”, M. Mac Luhan, is a reality. Bank loans, unmanned autonomous vehicles, social networks. Personalized ads, payments, the shopping experience.

What is the real potential of AI?

The main reason is that it increases and accelerates our ability to measure, capture, calculate and learn from the enormous amounts of data that is currently undergoing an AI transformation across industries.

Our products are the result of our way of thinking. Technological revolutions have emphasized this approach.

Accelerated learning and adaptability have been a priority skill in a volatile world.

This has impacted the evolution of the strategy and its execution. It requires unlearning and learning in the traditional way. AI is no different. The role of AI in today’s technology can dictate the success or failure of a product today, so it is important to understand it.

AI is among us.

The purchasing experience, payments, preferences, loans.

The product of RS is you, relevance controls your attention and exchanges preferences.

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