Consequence Scanning in AI 1/3
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Consequence Scanning in AI 1/3

The concept of consequence scanning should be part of the AI product development process, taking into account the diverse perspectives of those involved.

There are three main questions we aim to answer with a consequence scanning event:

  1. What are the intended and unintended consequences of this product or feature?
  2. What are the positive consequences we want to focus on?
  3. And what are the consequences that we want to mitigate?

One way to apply ethics operationally is to perform a consequence analysis during the early stages of product planning and throughout the development and maintenance life cycle.

By conducting a product kickoff workshop, we involve the affected groups, the participants in the development of the AI product.

We explain the purpose and present our list of undescribed consequences.

We share the 3 previous questions and ask that they be answered visibly on a local or electronic board, diverging ideas.

We group similar ideas, we add the new proposed consequences.

Subsequently, we classify the consequences into 3 categories:

  1. act,
  2. include,
  3. monitor.

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