09 Nov, 2023

Acceleration of the Environment.

Many of the organizations that exist today were designed for stability. Therefore, the organization’s immune system wakes up when it detects a foreign element called “change.” Resisting change and enduring risk are the purposes of organizations, that is what they were created for. Putting accelerated thinking into practice means speeding up an organization’s metabolism to […]

2 mins read

Consequence Scanning in AI 2/3

In the first category they are under the control of the participants, In the second category are those that are out of control, but whose outcome we can influence, and In the third category there are consequences that are completely out of control, but that could affect the product. Finally, it is important that attendees […]

1 min read

Consequence Scanning in AI 1/3

The concept of consequence scanning should be part of the AI product development process, taking into account the diverse perspectives of those involved. There are three main questions we aim to answer with a consequence scanning event: What are the intended and unintended consequences of this product or feature? What are the positive consequences we […]

1 min read

Alignment Values and Objectives.

Creating models that provide information for decision making is a tactic that is gaining popularity to align values. A group may experience inconvenience or consequences as a result of its actions. For example: Customers and employees are forced to interact with an artificial intelligence application that evaluates loan applications automatically. A loan application evaluation system […]

1 min read