Acceleration of the Environment.
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Acceleration of the Environment.

Many of the organizations that exist today were designed for stability. Therefore, the organization’s immune system wakes up when it detects a foreign element called “change.” Resisting change and enduring risk are the purposes of organizations, that is what they were created for.

Putting accelerated thinking into practice means speeding up an organization’s metabolism to match what is happening outside, in the environment or in the market.

If we run a product on information, we need a constant flow of it, so that the price or performance “return” constantly doubles.

Moore’s Law predicts that computer chips will reduce in size and price every 18 to 24 months. For the last 50 years it has been surprisingly correct.

This non-linear trend of constant growth results in much more energy at lower cost. Many believe the trend is losing steam and it is unclear what will come next.

It is true that the transistor or chip construction paradigm is more focused on analysis than synthesis.

The industry changes its focus towards synthesis, considering other attributes that have to do with the possibilities of integration of other technologies (environment) and with the paradigm shift in how computers work today (processing capacity, quantum computing, distributed, networks neurons, etc.). )

With this approach, duplication will not stop, computing power will increase, and we will be able to do things we couldn’t do before. As with AI, many of the algorithms we know today are not new; much of the modern approach to AI is at least 30 years old; It is today’s computing power that is enabling new possibilities and laying the foundation for others. If we take advantage of this pace of change, we could have growth and abundance.

This phenomenon is increasingly being replicated in other areas, although it requires moving from linear to non-linear thinking. Let us remember that digital returns and income are based on information and information, when working with computational processing, creates new abstract dimensions, not attached to our physical perspective.

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