Consequence Scanning in AI 3/3
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Consequence Scanning in AI 3/3

AI systems affect everyone differently.

First, we describe the various actions we could take. Next, we estimate the benefits and harms that would result from each action.

If these are our initial actions, we will calculate the benefits and harms of each one.

Everyone should have access to the benefits of AI, while the harms are mitigated through various methods.

It is important to ensure that the potential benefits of AI are not accrued unevenly and are accessible to as many people as possible.

An example may be a method to ensure that artificial intelligence does not perpetuate or worsen discrimination in hiring.

We must seek to not only create equal outcomes for all groups, but also use our systems to help allocate additional resources to the historically marginalized.

Equity is a controversial topic because it is relative and begs the question: Fair to whom?

While equality means providing the same resources to everyone, equity means recognizing that we do not all start from the same place and we must recognize imbalances and make adjustments to them.

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