17 Feb, 2024
Apollo: the space exploration robot. Apollo developed by Apptronik, associated with NASA, It will become an assistant to astronauts of space stations located on the Moon or Mars. Its initial…
“What would it look like to reinvent our business, not just adding AI to an old model, but reimagining our model entirely?” Implementing AI is not just about a technological…
Leadership Trends: Increasingly, you will need to hire for critical thinking over management skills. Middle management will see an evolution towards strategy, talent development and innovation. Senior leaders will now…
AI is going to change your organization, but it’s hard to know where the opportunities are and how to address the challenges that will arise, so it’s important to work…
Understand how AI works to drive solutions and design products that meet the needs of our clients under a strategic approach and therefore the success of your company. The idea…

Consequence Scanning in AI 1/3

The concept of consequence scanning should be part of the AI product development process, taking into account the diverse perspectives of those involved. There are three main questions we aim to answer with a consequence scanning event: What are the intended and unintended consequences of this product or feature? What are the positive consequences we […]

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Alignment Values and Objectives.

Creating models that provide information for decision making is a tactic that is gaining popularity to align values. A group may experience inconvenience or consequences as a result of its actions. For example: Customers and employees are forced to interact with an artificial intelligence application that evaluates loan applications automatically. A loan application evaluation system […]

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Frameworks for ethics and AI.

We build mental models when considering ethical dilemmas. There is an ethical dilemma when you do something and you are actively responsible for it. Global technology cannot be developed using Western philosophy alone. Artificial intelligence causes wicked problems that have many solutions that are not technical, but rather cultural and social. In addition to being […]

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The Ethical Metaphor.

When faced with unfamiliar ethical problems, we tend to use analogies to build conceptual bridges with similar situations we have encountered in the past. The lack of effective analogies forces us to discover new moral values, new moral principles, develop new policies, and find new ways of thinking about the problems before us. So we […]

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AI Ethics and Morality.

In order to critically assess the need for exponential technology ethics, it is necessary to: Establish clear positions regarding the management of recurring situations, Provide solutions to problems that have never been encountered before. We must formulate policies that guide our actions in these cases as part of the ethics of exponential technology. A variety […]

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Social Impact of Technology

There is a clear parallel in the management of these implications in situations with other technologies such as biology (cloning), nuclear energy (the atomic bomb), artificial intelligence, etc. “The ethics of exponential technology is the analysis of the nature and social impact of technology and the corresponding formulation of policies for the ethical use of […]

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